What Nappaglo Gloves Are Made Of


Leather is a natural product with special characteristics that make it comfortable to wear, and give it great strength and flexibility.

NO.1 Hairsheep

It is generally acknowledged that the best leather for gloves is hairsheep cabretta leather.

This top grade of leather is mainly sourced in Ethiopia and Nigeria. It has great strength, plus the important benefit of natural elasticity, which helps the glove to fit properly.

The sheep that provides the leather grows hair not wool, hence its name. As a consequence of its environment, its leather is ideal for making fine gloves. Hairsheep leather is finer and less bulky than other leathers. Its major benefits are softness of touch, suppleness, strength, and lasting comfort.

Hairsheep is very durable and is particularly suited for the manufacture of dress gloves.

NO.2 Deerskin

The finest deerskin comes from North America. Deerskin, like hairsheep leather, has the benefit of great strength and elasticity, but has a more rugged appearance with more grain on the surface than hairsheep. It is most popular in men°Øs gloves and some ladies°Ø styles of weekend gloves. It is very hard wearing and heavier in weight than hairsheep leather.

NO.3 Sheepskin & slink lamb

The finest lambskin comes from New Zealand and is often referred to as slink lambskin. It is used only in the most expensive lambskin gloves.

Sheepskin leather is often called shearling. It is widely used for casual and country gloves. It is very warm in cold weather, and has its own natural wool lining from the wool on the sheep. The leather is heavier and firmer than slink lambskin.

Lambskin and sheepskin gloves are normally a looser fit than other types of leather gloves, and are often worn with casual or country clothing.