Measuring Your Size

Step 1 Palm Measurement

Place your dominant hand lightly on a table and using a flexible measuring tape, measure the circumference of your palm at its widest point. The widest point of your palm is just below your index finger knuckle, to the mid-point between your pinky knuckle and wrist.
Step 2 Find Your Glove Size

Make sure to write down the measurements from Steps 1. Compare that information to the sizing chart below to find your size in Nappaglo Gloves.

Men’s Sizes

S Palm Girth: up to 8″
M Palm Girth: 8″-8.5″
L Palm Girth: 8.5″-9″
XL Palm Girth: 9″-9.5″
XXL Palm Girth: 9.5″-10″

Women’s Sizes

S Palm Girth: 6.5″-7″
M Palm Girth: 7″-7.5″
L Palm Girth: 7.5″-8″
XL Palm Girth: 8″-8.5″
XXL Palm Girth: 8.5″-9″
Step 3 Get Your Gloves!