Glove origin

   Archaeological discoveries of the origin of China confirm that gloves existed in ancient China during the Warring States Period. The bird inscription “Yue King Zhu Gou Self-acting Sword” was unearthed from Tomb No. 1 of Tengdian, Jiangling County, Hubei Province, and a pair of leather gloves were also found. Leather gloves are 28.5 centimeters long, five fingers apart, slightly longer, and very similar to the normal style of modern gloves. This was of course a good thing for the nobles at that time.

   The civilians might not be able to use it, at least without leather gloves. Gloves were not very common in ancient China. One reason is that the sleeves of the Han suit are wide enough to cover the warm hands, or to copy both hands in the sleeve in front of the chest. However, leather gloves were unearthed from the tombs of the middle Warring States Period in Jiangling County, Hubei Province. In addition, the Western Han women in Mawangdui Han Tomb wore silk embroidered Fingerless Gloves on their hands.

leather gloves nappaglo
nappalgo leather gloves

    The West originated in ancient Rome. Some nobles and warriors often went hunting in the wild. Take trained Eagles with you to help them catch birds. These Eagles stop on their wrists. The eagles’feet are very sharp and often scratch the skin on people’s wrists. So people have come up with ways to wear gloves with long arms to protect their skin. Later, the use of gloves slowly changed, and now people are working in a variety of protective gloves and winter hand warming gloves. Since the 13th century, European women began to wear gloves for decoration. These gloves are usually made of linen or silk.

    They can be as long as wrist or elbows, and also have special gloves made of animal leather, while leather gloves are soaked in perfume to hide the smell of leather. During this period, decorative gloves were also popular among male nobles. Until now, gloves have traditionally been worn on many formal occasions in the West to express solemnity. Pope, cardinal and bishop of Roman Catholic Church wear white gloves when they perform Mass. They have decorative and symbolic dual purposes. Western professional soldiers traditionally wear white gloves, throwing gloves at others is often the first step to provoke a duel. White gloves are still part of many national military dresses. Gloves have become more and more popular in modern times.

leather glove
leather glove