Question:how do i measure my hand?
Answer  :It’s not the length of your hand, it’s the measurement around the palm. This link helped me, and the size I ordered is perfect!


Question:How do I find my size?
Answer  :Glove sizes may be quite different from shirt sizes. The best way to determine the size is to measure around a flat hand at the lower knuckles – not including the thumb. The number of inches will give the size: 7″ = XS, 8″ = S, 8.5″ = M, 9-9.5″ = L, 10-10.5″ = XL. When in doubt or borderline, choose a size larger. This method gave me the perfect fit with these gloves.


Question:Are these gloves warm enough for the cold weather ?
Answer  :Yes, they are insulated, so they are about as warm as they can be without being bulky.


Question:Are these good for driving? We’re looking for something that won’t slip on the steering wheel?
Answer  :It is really good. For driving purpose we can also use then.


Question:Will these help prevent static shock? if not, what kind of gloves would?
Answer  :These gloves are great for texting, no problem last winter, did not have static at all!


Question:Is there a lot of fabric on these gloves? Or are they more fitted?
Answer  :The short answer is no. They are rather thin, but so far they have kept my hands warm. They are quite stylish and it is easy to push button on the car while wearing the gloves.


Question:Do they work with touch phones ?
Answer  :They do not have the special finger tips for touch screens. Also, would likely be a little too bulky for accurate typing. That said, they are great gloves.


Question:Will the gloves loosen up?
Answer  :They will loosen up somewhat. When I first got them they were a bit tight, but now they fit just fine. I am very satisfied with them.


Question:Is the polyurethane waterproof/breathable?
Answer  :Not waterproof and they aren’t preforated but they are breathable.


Question:If the size is not appropriate how should I do?
Answer  :You can contact us to return or replacement.