Speaking of gloves, everyone is familiar with it. Almost everyone in their lives has used gloves. Especially when doing housework in winter, they wear warm gloves and flannel gloves to protect their hands. The flannel gloves are produced with automatic fleece gloves. The role of gloves, there are many anti-static, cold, hand protection, medical anti-bacteria, […]

   Archaeological discoveries of the origin of China confirm that gloves existed in ancient China during the Warring States Period. The bird inscription “Yue King Zhu Gou Self-acting Sword” was unearthed from Tomb No. 1 of Tengdian, Jiangling County, Hubei Province, and a pair of leather gloves were also found. Leather gloves are 28.5 centimeters […]

LEATHER Leather is a natural product with special characteristics that make it comfortable to wear, and give it great strength and flexibility. NO.1 Hairsheep It is generally acknowledged that the best leather for gloves is hairsheep cabretta leather. This top grade of leather is mainly sourced in Ethiopia and Nigeria. It has great strength, plus […]

Step 1 Palm Measurement Place your dominant hand lightly on a table and using a flexible measuring tape, measure the circumference of your palm at its widest point. The widest point of your palm is just below your index finger knuckle, to the mid-point between your pinky knuckle and wrist. Step 2 Find Your Glove […]

All of our gloves are made from specially selected high quality gloving leather to ensure that they are soft and durable, however your Nappaglo gloves will last longer if they are looked after in the appropriate way. Please follow the advice below on how to care for and clean your gloves. Preferably store your gloves […]